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We deliver Quality Services at a Reasonable Price.


Architectural Plans, Home Improvement Designs, Loft Design, House Extensions, Flat Conversions, Lease Plans, Out Door Buildings, Basement Design Etc…


Planning Applications, Change of use Applications, Lawful Development Certificates


Full Plan Application/Approval, Building Notices, Construction Drawings, Energy Conservation.


Housing, Retail, Commercial, Community buildings, Vasta Shastra Integration.

We offer a range of cost-effective prices depending on which services you require:

Bronze — from £300 : (1) Planning drawings;……………………….. Silver — from £450 : (1) Planning drawings (2) Council application; ……………….Gold — from £650: (1) Planning drawings (2) Council application (3) Beam calculations; ………………………Platinum — from £1150 : (1) Planning drawings (2) Council application (3) Beam calculations (4) Design assistance ===================== Building notice application from £250.00;……………………….. Building regulations Full Plan application and approval From £650.00 ======================

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Stunning Home Extensions, Garages & Loft Conversions In London
We deliver quality Architectural Services and Structural Calculations at a reasonable price.

Fast and Efficient Architectural Services and Structural Calculations. We can deliver plans to suit your needs and budget. We also undertake Building Regulations Full Plan applications and Lease Plans work. We deliver quality services at a reasonable price. The percentages of various jobs from the total jobs we have undertaken so far -->>>>

  • Planning Permissions and design assistance

    You need to obtain planning permission to build a new building or alter any building.

  • Structural Calculations, Building Regulations & loft conversions
  • pre-planning & lease plans
  • Change of use, flat conversions and planning appeals

We have worked with many indiviuals and families in most of the London Boroughs, with PG level qualification in Architecture and extensive experience of working in all types of building projects as an Engineering surveyor you can have complete confidence that we’ll be able to make your vision a reality.

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Mr Vara Balakumar

Director & Architectural and Surveying Consultant.

Director & Architectural and Surveying Consultant.


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