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Building Extensions

Building Extensions and Home Improvement Put in Detail By Tim Aston  |   Submitted On January 21, 2011 Home improvement, particularly building extensions take a lot of work. It costs money and it entails a lot of effort from the homeowners. Having carpenters and other workers, roaming around your house, checking out pillars and walls, can disrupt[…]


Complete Loft Conversions

Complete Loft Conversions By James Luke Williams  |   Submitted On June 01, 2011   A loft conversion is either used as a bedroom, storage, teen den, entertainment room, children’s playroom, home office or even a bathroom. Globally, loft conversions have become a welcome trend for those who desire to extend their property without using up space[…]


Building Regulations

House Extension Building Regulations By Richard Finch  |   Submitted On June 29, 2010 When you are adding onto your home within the UK, you need to know specific building regulations. People who do not know about these regulations, often run into a variety of problems in the long run. Look at these house extension building regulations[…]


Planning Permissions

You need to obtain planning permission to build a new building or alter the building. Please CLICK HERE to find out more Planning Permission By Martin Holmes  |   Submitted On May 18, 2009 The information given here is only to be used as a guide. If you require more specific information about your conversion and planning[…]


Emerging Architecture

  The Emerging Architecture Architecture is the art of designing and constructing buildings and other physical structures. Architecture is as old as human history because it is the basic need of a human being. Architecture symbolizes the history, culture, traditions, technology and climate of the nation. In primitive ages man was used to live in[…]